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Latest Issue: July 2016

Survey of Intraoperative Bacterial Contamination in Dogs Undergoing Elective Orthopedic Surgery

Peri-operative infections are a major cause of morbidity in orthopaedic surgery. This prospective study aimed to investigate bacterial contamination of surgeon and patient during clean orthopaedic surgeries, and to assess the impact of contamination on surgical site infection (SSI).


Differentiation of Cardiac from Noncardiac Pleural Effusions in Cats using Second-Generation Quantitative and Point-of-Care NT-proBNP Measurements
The dyspnoeic cat with pleural effusion is a common presentation in practice, and assessing whether the cause is cardiac or not is important in the therapeutic decision making process.


Evaluation of capsule endoscopy to detect mucosal lesions associated with gastrointestinal bleeding in dogs

Capsule endoscopy involves swallowing a small pill-sized camera in order to image the intestines. This study aimed to assess the utility of the technique to visualise mucusal abnormalities in dogs with gastrointestinal haemorrhage. 2 healthy controls and 8 dogs with gastrointestinal haemorrhage were included in the study, with weights ranging from 7.7 to 58kg.


Clinical data, clinicopathologic findings and outcome in dogs with amegakaryocytic thrombocytopenia and primary immune-mediated thrombocytopenia
Primary immune-mediated thrombocytopenia (ITP) is seen regularly in clinical practice, and is caused by immune destruction of the platelets. Amegakaryocytic thrombocytopenia is rarer, and is due to a reduction of megakaryocytes in the bone marrow, the causes of which include infections, drug reactions and immune-mediated disease.


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